EIS Academy Management System

EIS Academy Management System:

Academy management system is very essential for any Academy. It might be managed manually or by an automated system. As our experiences show, managing an Academy manually/traditionally can be really tough. For example retrieving a student’s history/profile would require the administration to forage into multitudes of files or registry book/books, tucked in the far corner of the shelf. The whole process may take one an eon, so to speak. But all the information will be just a click away if there is a database driven automated system for the institution. In the database driven automated system, you can retrieve whichever data you want in seconds. Keeping records of all kinds -student’s personal, academic, financial, transportation information, guardian’s information, etc. – and easy retrieving system will streamline the whole management.

We at Eidy ICT Solution have developed an integrated solution for Academy management.  It will allow you to easily manage the students and associated tasks related to them, i.e. student’s personal, academic, financial, transportation information; student’s parent’s information and history etc.  


Besides students, the teachers and employees can also be managed easily in this system. Teachers can input marks of the students, and the result will be published accordingly. Students on their part can view marks and results by logging in the system. Parents have access to the system, and they can also view their children’s academic information. Since this is a web based system, anyone (students, teachers, employees and management people) having the credentials can access the system from anytime, anywhere, provided that there is internet access. In our system, there is an accounting module, where revenue and expenditure will be input as per Academic requirement. The system will calculate the balance and generate the reports. Thus our system will transform the academia administration into a paperless institution.

Details of the system are described below:

All in one Dashboard: Monitor and control the whole system from single dashboard. Every user will get different dashboard based on the user type i.e. student, teacher, parents, and staffs. In the respective dashboard, they will get access to only those that are defined by the admin. If anybody tries to violate the permission, the system will reject his/her unauthorized access.

Quick Profile View: A click on the button will display the student, teacher, and employee profile along with necessary related information.

Study Document Distribution: Downloadable documents on any topics for the students and teachers can be uploaded in the system.

Exam Management: Teacher/Admin can create exams with full marks and pass marks. All sorts of tests/exams - Class Test, First Term, Second Term, Final, Written, MCQ, Practical, Viva etc. - can be planned and executed through the system .

Marks Management: Teacher/Admin can provide marks to the students as per their performance in the exam. System will automatically generate results according to the input values.

Grading System Management: We have the grading management module following the grading system of the education board. Result will be in grade letter with Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Student promotion: Based on obtained marks, students will be promoted to next class or remain the same class.

Student Academic History: The system will keep all the student history: in which class s/he is admitted, what are the academic records, outstanding marks, etc.

Notice Board: In the system, the academy can put up notices. All notices will be stored in the system.   Notices will be shown according to their recentness. Newer notices will be followed by the older ones.  The notices will be displayed on the website as well.

Event & Holiday Calendar: In this module, various events can be added and managed throughout the year. Managing holidays and vacations will be easy.

Leave Management: This module will keep track of the leaves of the students, teachers, and staffs.

Attendance of Students, Teachers & Staffs: There will be the bio-metric proximity machine. The Student, teacher, and staffs will impress finger on the machine, and the machine will count the attendance automatically. We have another module to manage attendance for those academies that do not want to deploy proximity machine. In that case one has to input attendance into the system according to the Attendance book.

SMS Service: If the management wants to inform the parents that a particular student is not present, a message will be sent to the absent student’s parent’s mobile. Some other messages might be sent in accordance with the requirement. SMS gateway is pre-requisite for this service; academy will bear the cost of the gateway and SMS charge. Eidy ICT Solution will arrange the service.

Class Routine: Class routine will be generated through the system without conflict of class rooms, time, and teacher overlapping.

Accounting: It will provide opportunity to the authority to keep track of such things as which student has paid their fee, how much is due, student invoice against any payment, etc. It can also provide opportunity to track academy expenditure and generate balance report on the basis of income and expenditure.

Transport Management: Here academy can manage the transportation cost for every route and fee for each student per month.  Reports can be taken as per requirement of the authority.

System Activity Tracking: In some cases tracking is very essential. For example, it may so happen that an event is created or updated with wrong information, or it is deleted (intentionally or mistakenly) by someone.  But no one is confessing or taking the responsibility of the occurrence.  . Since many users have permission to create, edit, and delete, the admin has nothing to do to prove as to who has done it. Taking this scenario in mind, we have developed this module to help the admin and management so that they can tackle such issues.