Dealer Management System (ERP solution)

The working procedure of the EIS Dealer ERP with POS software described below:

It is very important to keep track of purchase the products, other costing related to the business like Shop rent, warehouse rent, electricity bill, employee salary, bonus, other expenditure. Take order from the clients from the clients by Sales representatives (SR). It is also important to keep track of products sales to the registered clients and non-registered users as well. Get the statistics of the product in and out to and from stock. Comparing to Purchase and Sales get the profit and loss statistics from the system of your business. Costing of the business including daily costing, monthly costing including employee salary, electricity bill, restaurant rent, and others expenditure. Most of the dealers are doing this manually and they are facing many difficulties to do the entire process. Moreover it is very tough and tedious to prepare any report by daily, weekly or half monthly in manual process. Most of the time it is about impossible to take any decision so based on the report.

To make the entire process easy, Eidy ICT Solution introduces Dealer Management System.

What does this software help you to manage your business -Features:

  1. When you purchase products you have to input into the system according to the challan/bill from the supplier purchase price.
  2. This will impact on the stock in the system
  3. When you sell product then it will reduce the products as per sale and reflect in the system stock.
  4. Based on Purchase and sale you will get the profit, stock update, etc. from the system.
  5. To get net profit you have to input expenditure like: shop rent, electric bill, employee salary etc. and the system will provide you the net profit as within the date range like monthly or half yearly or yearly etc. there is also an option for custom date range
  6. Print invoice of the products
  7. Online order management system
  8. For clients of the business get client’s dashboard and can get their purchase history, payment history
  9. Adding products to the software we need to input name
  10. We have option to manage (Edit, delete) name as well
  11. We need to add Supplier and customer (if required)
  12. There is also option to manage (edit, delete) client information
  13. There is an option to add employee, edit, delete employee,
  14. You can have option to pay salary through the system as well
  15. For Expenditure you could find out the Expenditure type add, edit, delete option
  16. Input the expenditure as per expenditure type in to the system as well.
  17. In settings you could define new role to the employee, what type of work s/he could perform using his/her credentials.
  18. In the system you as administrator delete user, add user and manage roles as per your need

Most of the above tasks you have to do once and update rarely in to the system except expenditure.


Through this software following reports will be taken within few clicks:

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom reports for

  1. Sales
  2. Purchase
  3. Expense
  4. Balance, etc.

And many more based requirement.